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Furniture Guidelines


Embrace Consignment previews and selects the highest quality pre-owned accessories.  Accessories must be stylish, in good condition, clean and in an acceptable style to our purchasers.  Embrace reserves the right to reject any item.  Our goal is to provide the finest in pre-owned home accessories for our customers.  We will only accept items that we believe will sell quickly.  Consignors may bring their items or a photo of them directly to the store.


Consignors can drop off their items any time during regular business hours.



Consignment Period:


Home accessories and furniture are consigned for 60 days.  It is your responsibility to know your end date and retrieve your items.  Our consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price of home decor and furniture.   


Embrace reserves the right to reconsign furniture for a second 60-day consignment period at a reduced price.  

Embrace will price your merchandise to provide you fair market value, while also offering value to our customers.  It is our policy not to compromise the consigned price by accepting offers or "bargaining".  Embrace applies the following price adjustment schedule on home decor:


1st 30 day period:

Your consigned items are displayed and offered for sale at fair market pricing determined by Embrace.


Day 31-45: Merchandise that is not sold will be reduced by 20% off the original price.  Day 46-60:  Merchandise that is not sold will be reduced by 30% off the original price.


If the merchandise has not sold within the 60-day consignment period, it is the responsibility of the consignor to pick their items up.  The items must be reclaimed within 3 days of the expiration date.  Embrace reserves the right to sell those items until they are removed by the consignor.  Items left in the shop past the retrieval period will become the property of Embrace to clearance or donate at our discretion.

Embrace accepts the following home accessories:

*Decorative Rugs (4x6 or larger)


*Lamps (must have light bulb)



*Seasonal decor (limited to specific time frame)

*Longaberger baskets

*Complete sets of dishes

*Entertainment centers with a minimum opening of 34 inches.

*Furniture including dining sets, couches, chairs, etc.

Embrace does not accept: Appliances, electronics, kitchenware (pots, pans, dishes, cooking utensils, flatware, etc) and small knick-knacks.

Home accessories must be 10 years or n